Volume # 28: Internet of Things

This issue of Volume explores architects’ roles in the age of the internet. For us at ArchDaily, this is a topic we find very interesting. We ask all the architects we interview how the internet has changed their practice; their answers nicely complement this issue. (You can check them out in our interview section). I, personally, enjoyed the section titled “Tracing Concepts.” It illustrates the influence design ideas have had on the computing world and vise versa. For example, it details how Christopher Alexander’s ideas about design patterns has spurred on object-oriented programming and bottom-up design solutions.


2 Editorial / Arjen Oosterman
5 The Common Sense / Mark Shepard interviewed by Vincent Schipper
8 Parallel Universe / Stephen Gage
10 Touching the Interspace / Carola Moujan
14 The Devil is in the Details: Critical Knowledge About Emerging Information Technologies / Shintaro Myazaki
16 Noo-Architecture & the Internet of Things / Deborah Hauptmann

20 An Axis of Innumerable Connections: The Mundaneum / Nina Larsen
25 Tracing Concepts / Edwin Gardner and Marcell Mars Insert

49 Smart Environments / Ken Sakamura interviewed by Cloud Lab
52 Revisiting Yesterday’s Future: the 1960s and the Internet of Things / Lara Schrijver
56 Architecture as a Multi-Agent System / Tomasz Jaskiewicz

61 The City is Becoming / Ben Cerveny, James Burke, Juha van’t Zelfde
66 Play Design / Ben Schouten
70 Check-In Urbanism / Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer
72 Hylozoic Ground / Philip Beesley
80 Being Somewhere / Ole Bouman
81 Trust Design – Part Two: Internet of Things / Insert

121 Permission Taken for Granted / Bart-Jan Polman
124 The Importance of Random Learning / Hiroshi Ishiguro interviewed by Cloud Lab

128 Shadow Project / Nortd Labs
130 The Color of Ideas / Tuur van Balen
134 Meeting the Middle / Ruairi Glynn interviewed by Vincent Schipper
138 Virt-Oral History: A Story from Seven on Seven / Justin Fowler
140 All That is material Will Be Standard and All that Is Personalized Will Be Virtual / Eduard Sansho Pou
142 The Tragic Lost / Vincent Schipper and Christiaan Fruneaux
148 The Act of Disconnection: Just Because I Do Not Send a Message within a Matter of Minutes Does Not Mean I Am Dead / Amelia Borg and Timothy Moore
152 Unlocking the Secrets of a ‘Forbidden City’ / Lorna Goulden
155 21st Century City
156 Data and Owner / Usman Haque and Ed Borden
158 Digital-Material Practices: Adaptive Architecture for an Idealization of the Soft / Mette Ramsgard Thomsen

162 Res Sapiens / Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen
166 Urban Content / Mark Dek
169 IOOO – the Internet of Obsolete Objects / Dietmar Offenhuber
172 Coders & Architects Do Not Communicate / Vincent Schipper
174 Losing Ground / Arjen Oosterman

176 Colophon

Editor: Arjen Oosterman

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