Views of the Construction of the Eiffel Tower: No Longer Just a Desktop Wallpaper

Since taking the interiors market by storm in 2005, Canadian design studio ROLLOUT has been known for the eclectic designs and community-based inspiration behind their custom-printed wallpapers. While many designers have been eager to embrace and faithfully reproduce the minimalist aesthetic, ROLLOUT chose to hail texture, expression, emotion and color as pillars of design that have been unduly silenced since the peak of modernism. Cheering the mantra of “more is definitely more,” ROLLOUT has scoured every corner of the graphic arts, from illustration to photography to pattern the spaces of countless clients with vibrant expressions of art, innovation, individuality and community.

On their trip to IDS Toronto, MoCo Loco spotted one of the latest designs from ROLLOUT, a wallpaper that mirrors and arranges the iconic photograph of the Eiffel Tower during its stages of construction to appear like kaleidoscopic ink blots. Modern in its subject matter, baroque in its detail, and abstract in its full-scale form, the wallpaper tastefully welcomes the city of lights into any room. The design is part of the first collection from a series called Wanderlust, a series inspired by travel and cities. First stop—if you couldn’t guess: Paris.

[Click the image for larger view]

[All images via MoCo Loco]



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