Pedro Guerrero, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Photographer, Dies at 95

As the story goes, Pedro Guerrero, at the age of 22, asked Frank Lloyd Wright for a job when he randomly met him in Scottsdale, Arizona. Guerrero had no  photography degree and didn’t even know who the 72-year-old architect was. He just knew him as a man building a house in the desert.

That house later became known as Taliesin West. And for the next 20 years, Guerrero was Wright’s most trusted photographer, capturing beautiful images of his architectural creations. Read More.

While photographers increasingly became more modern, manipulating images into abstract forms, Guerrero never adjusted his pictures to be anything but what they were. As more and more architects discovered his photography and requested his services, Guerrero held steady with Wright. He said in an interview with Architect Magazine: “I made it a point as long as Mr. Wright lived not to give myself over to any one of them. Out of loyalty to him, I tried to avoid getting involved with anyone else.”

A monograph of Guerrero’s work was on view at the Julius Shulman Institute in California just five months ago.



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