Dubai Tall Emblem Structure by PURE Architecture

By proposing this Flying Carpet structure in Dubai, we aim to rebuild Dubai’s image as a place where everyone is full of confidence and hope, a place where everyone’s dreams will come true, and a place where imagination and creativity remain the central force to city development.
Dubai is a city with numerous vertical towers but lack of connection between them. It does not need another one for this iconic structure. Our proposed Flying Carpet will act as a new type of horizontal connection to bridge all these vertical individuals together, to make the city more engaged but not divided. The weaving patterns of the skins and the woven structure recall a strong connection to the traditional Islamic culture.  Diverse cultural and tourism activities are organized within, above and below the Flying Carpet. The elevated outdoor amphitheater located on the lower part will provide celebration and performance space for the city, the café on the top will provide 360 degrees panoramic view a…



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