Drum Roll, Please: We Present Our Caption Contest Winners!

Earlier this week, we asked you to whip up a clever caption for the photograph above, which features Absolute World, a Toronto project designed MAD Studio and Burka Architects. You responded with gusto! We received scores of entries, and after two grueling rounds of judging, we’ve selected our winners, all of whom will receive a custom edition Moleskine sketchbook. Read on!

Congrats to our nine winners and one honorable mention. They will each receive a custom edition Moleskine sketchbook that was created for IIDEX Canada, a major architecture and design convention happening right now in Toronto! Of course, our winners didn’t have to be Canadian; in fact, they hail from cities throughout North America. And we even have a winner from Macedonia!


“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.” – Marilyn Monroe
Mike Hill
Kailua, Hawaii

Take a stand against just standing there.
Jules Gianakos
Brooklyn, New York 

I told you we should have accounted for wind shear.
Michael Opipari
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Care to tango?
David B. Dial
Charlotte, North Carolina

Turning Torso ain’t got nothing on us!
Mitko Donovski
Skopje, Macedonia

Ribbed for her pleasure
Scott Beck
Winona, Minnesota

Check out the curves on those two.
Simon Goetz
New York City

Sexy In The City
Kevinmer Celestino
Winnipeg, Canada

30 seconds in Rhino
J. Ian Thomas
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This entry doesn’t exactly fall into the “smart, snappy caption” category, but we appreciated the effort!

Francisco Castellanos
Cancun, Mexico



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