Contain [ar] chitecture

Contributed by: Robert Garlow, M.Arch Student

Studio Abstract:
Vertical Constructions is a graduate studio in the Material Culture Graduate Research Group that explores the design and construction of vertical structures. It concentrates on 3 primary objectives: 1) on the differences between stereotomic (mass) and tectonic (stick) construction systems and the processes involved in their successful design and construction; 2) on the theoretical ideas of these materials and their constructed assemblies and the spaces they generate (including Kenneth Framptons cosmological interpretation of Gottfried Sempers Four Elements of Architecture which relates stereotomic mass with the earth and tectonic assemblies with the sky, as well as Gaston Bachlards phenomenological understanding of the spaces of the cellar and attic, the lower associated with darkness and fear and the upper with lightness and comfort); and 3) and planning and performing the work necessary in the construction of each…



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