Building A World Out Of… Toothpicks!

Get ready! The World Maker Faire New York is coming! The two-day event, on September 29-30 at the New York Hall of Science, features innovative works by DIYers from around the globe. Make magazine recently spoke with one of the participants, Stan Munro, creator of Toothpick World. As they explain, “Stan is out to re-create the world’s most famous buildings — using nothing but toothpicks and glue.” See more photos!

Stan tells Make that he started “toothpicking” 30 years ago. “An art teacher in 5th grade asked us to build something 10 inches tall that could hold the weight of an egg. Mine did that, then five textbooks, then my desk — I was hooked,” he says.” It continued to be a hobby for the next 20 years, until a 3-month unemployment spell, when I just needed something to do. I never thought it would turn into a job (or a company), but now I’m just blown away. Shoulda been makin’ toothpick buildings 20 years ago.”

His ultimate goal is to create toothpick renditions of all the world’s greatest buildings. At this year’s fair, he plans to exhibit models of the the Burj Khalifa, La Sagrada Familia, Empire State Building, new Yankee Stadium, new One World Trade Center, and Petronas Towers, among others.

See more images on Stan’s website!

[via Make]



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