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9 Transfixing GIFs That Look At The Future Of Mobility

Beyond the Street, Mengyi Fan and Marc Moukarzel The GIF wave has hit the architecture community hard. Case in point, Storefront for Art and Architecture‘s GIF-themed halloween party, where architects are being invited to submit their pocket-size animations to be screened at this year’s costume crawl.But the trend has also infiltrated academic channels. As part Sigue leyendo

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Help Make the LowLine Happen

We’ve written about the LowLine–the subterranean park that would convert an abandoned 60,000 square foot trolley station beneath Delancey Street into an underground oasis–on two separate occasions, back when the project was first announced (and when it acquired its memorable name) and again last November when a New York Times piece catapulted the futuristic proposal Sigue leyendo

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