Annex the Airspace | Local Broadcasting

The time that followed our thesis show was more restless than expected. It is difficult to make a sudden transition out of “production mode.” Wanting to assign some sort of purpose to my fidgeting, I contacted a colleague, Rachel Janzen, with an idea for a type of airborne experiment inspired by her thesis project. We were interested in virtually appropriating space via the superimposition of media, specifically audio broadcasts. The architectural relevance of such an idea is the possibility of an infrastructure with the potential to allow members of the general public to express themselves on the architectural scale, even if the architecturally-scaled space is defined only by effects of lesser physical systems (i.e., “space” is bound by perceptions of a common media experience). At any rate, we decided to have some fun with the means of media delivery.

Earlier in the academic quarter, we had experimented with the construction and flight of small kites fabricated from scrap mate…



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