And The Winner Of Our “Contemporary Classical” Book Giveaway Is…

Earlier in the week we invited readers to enter our “Contemporary Classical: The Architecture of Andrew Skurman“ book giveaway. The deadline was last night, and we received a whopping response from our readers. Entrants were required to answer this question: In line with the Classical style, English-born Benjamin Henry Latrobe is often noted as the father of American architecture. In what city did America’s first architect design the country’s first Roman Catholic Cathedral?

For those still wondering, the answer is: The Baltimore Basilica, completed in 1821 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Today, we randomly selected one winner: Misty Owens of New Orleans, Louisiana. Congratulations, Misty! Your book is in the mail.

The Baltimore Basilica designed by Benjamin Henry Latrobe; Photo via Baltimore Basilica



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