Crops (Gerco de Ruijter) from Michel Banabila on Vimeo.

“Crops” by Gerco de Ruijter is a stop-motion film whose photography is entirely composed of aerial shots of 1000 irrigation circles captured from Google Earth. Each crop circle appears at a different stage of the irrigation cycle and has been formatted so that their immediate geographic context cannot be discerned (though nearly all are found in semiarid environments). Strung together, the circles become imbibed with a a clock-like motion, with the irrigation sprinkler infrastructure acting as the clock arm. Yet this steady meter quickly gives way to a flurry of flashing colors and shadows, leaving nothing but the impressions of what seems like a strange, alien arcanum of signs. The images blend into one another at a rapid frame rate whose acceleration is further accentuated by the score’s tense, rattling glissandi (by Michel Banabila). “Crops” is the starting point for a larger project de Ruijter is planning to release later in the year.

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