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Inaugural Chicago architecture biennial has a name, and a show by Iwan Baan

Mayor Rahm Emanuel‘s announcement that Chicago would launch an international festival of art and architecture—its own take on the famous Venice biennale—drew jeers and cheers from the design community both near and far from The Second City. AN called for the show aspiring to be North America’s largest architectural exhibition to go beyond tourism bromides. […]
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Over The Rainbow And Out Of This World: Two NYC Performances Take The “Immersive Environment” Trend To Another Level

Story by Karen Wong, New Museum deputy director and A+ Awards juror. Two overused words of late: immersive environment. I have been promised so many “immersive environment” experiences—from such indie favorites as Arcade Fire or rapper Kendrick Lamar—but they have amounted to nothing more than a cursory gesture: superficially “arty” videos framing the musicians while Sigue leyendo

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Princeton Symposium To Explore Architecture And Performance

On October 13th, Princeton University will host a one-day symposium titled “Performing Architecture.” The symposium will explore the links between performance and building in a forum that “seeks to move beyond disciplinary hegemony in the dissemination of architecture today.” With all-star appearances from renowned personalities from diverse disciplines, this event shouldn’t be missed. Read more. Sigue leyendo

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Zaha + Fudge’s Pop-Up Salon Dazzles London Design Festival

Poof! Zaha Hadid Architects + FUDGE‘s pop-up salon went from rendering to realization in no time. We’ve got photos of the space, which closes tomorrow (already!). Needless to say, they look exactly like the renderings. Continue. Designed for London Design Festival, the installation (performance piece?) celebrates the architecture of hair in a relatively architecture-free environment. Sigue leyendo

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Finnish Architects Design Monumental Theater For Wuxi, China

Image: Kari Palsila The Wuxi Grand Theater is the first major work of Finnish architecture in China, and it represents a truly European mode of design: the gesamtkunstwerk (total design). PES Architects, founded by Professor Pekka Salminen, controlled the design of every aspect of the theater, from the building to the upholstery, from lighting to Sigue leyendo

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Fachada interactiva sobre el edificio IAC de Frank Gehry

Durante el marco del festival de vídeos On Line de Vimeo se pudo ver una interesante performance que involucró medios audiovisuales y arquitectura.

Se trató de un impresionante show audiovisual sobre toda la fachada del IAC Building en Nueva…

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