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Google Headquarters en California | Bjarke Ingels y Thomas Heatherwick

Imágenes han sido puestos en libertad que detalla la nueva sede de Google ubicados en Mountain View, California. El inmenso masterplan de 316.000 metros cuadrados es el trabajo de colaboración de la firma danesa Bjarke Ingels Group y el estudio británico de Thomas Heatherwick. El anuncio marca la primera vez que la multinacional ha construido un […] Sigue leyendo

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Genre de Vie: A Film About Cycling’s Impact On Urban Livability

Today we are facing environmental issues more than ever. While architects, urban designers, policymakers and thinkers discuss the future of our cities, more and more people become aware of their own impact and use of space. Genre de Vie… is Sigue leyendo

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“A Truman Show-Style Nightmare”: Critics React to BIG and Heatherwick’s Designs for Google

In their designs for Google’s new headquarters, released last week amid much excitement, Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick have taken cues from the utopian visions of the past to create a radical solution for the sprawling tech campus in Mountain View, California.… Sigue leyendo

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Here’s How BIG’s Power Plant Ski Slope Will Blow Smoke Rings

When BIG‘s proposal for Amager Bakke, a waste-to-energy plant in Copenhagen, was unveiled in 2011, there was a lot for skeptics to pick apart. Is it really possible to run a publicly accessible ski slope on the roof of an… Sigue leyendo

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Win a BIG Trip to Copenhagen

Daydreaming about a trip to Copenhagen? Now is your chance to go. As part of BIG’s HOT TO COLD… exhibition on view at the National Building Museum, Visit Denmark is hosting a sweepstakes for two to see the architectural and cultural sights Sigue leyendo

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VIDEO: Bjarke Ingels Walks Us Through The Design of Vancouver House

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Post by Bjarke Ingels (BIG).

Taking the urban high-rise “one step further,” BIG’s Vancouver… Sigue leyendo

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HOT TO COLD: BIG’s “Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation” Opens at the National Building Museum

Circle the globe in 800-feet at the National Building Museum’s latest exhibition HOT TO COLD. BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group’s first North American exhibition, HOT TO COLD… takes viewers on an “odyssey of architectural adaptation” from the “hottest Sigue leyendo

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Videos: Bjarke Ingels on His Europa City Project for Paris

In 2013, Bjarke Ingels Group came first in Paris‘ Europa City competition, an 800,000 square meter cultural and recreational facility on the far North-Eastern outskirts of the city. In an attempt to explain the design of this huge project, filmmakers Squint/Opera have enlisted… Sigue leyendo

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